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Five Top Tips When Hiring A Removals Company

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Five Top Tips When Hiring A Removals Company


OK, so you’re moving house in the near future and you need to find a professional, reputable company that will transport your possessions safely to your new property. In this blog posts we’re going to look at five top tips that every mover should consider when hiring a removals company – no matter where you are in the UK !


Hire locally


It’s a good idea to hire a local removals company for a plethora of different reasons. Local companies know the area – they know the best and easiest route to get from your old house to your new house. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to hear recommendations and feedback from other people in the area that have used the firm in question too. It’s always nice to hear other people’s experience of the company.


It might be tempting to hire a national firm because they have flashy TV adverts or an amazing website, but the simple fact is that national firms can’t pay as close attention to detail as smaller, local firms can.


Check you’re insured


Insurance is really important on many different levels. First and foremost you need to be 100% sure that your possessions are fully insured against loss or damage during the removal process. Sometimes you’ll be insured through your own house contents insurance policy (look for the “in transit” clause). If not, you need to ensure the removals company you use has adequate insurance for your possessions.


As well as insuring your personal possessions you also need to make sure the removals company has liability insurance to cover their employees and the general public.


Hire a remover in good time


There’s no use hiring a removal company just a few days before you move home. It can cause unnecessary last minute panic and stress. Always look to hire a removal company in good time – at least a few months ahead of the removal date where possible.


By hiring a removal company in advance you can get on with other aspects of arranging your house move – you can rest with peace of mind that transporting your possessions is all in hand.


Decide what level of service you require


Different removal companies offer varying levels of service. Some companies will offer a full service including the packing of your possessions. Others will collect your possessions form your doorstep, and deliver them to the doorstep of your new property. Decide exactly how much (or how little) assistance you require and hire accordingly. Remember it costs more to have a removal company pack your belongings for you too – so if you’re on a tight budget it may make sense to do it yourself.

Be careful !

Hiring a removal company has the potential to go wrong in a very big way. There are lots of cowboys out there – so hire carefully! Here at TH Removals we’ve got a track record of providing an exemplary level of service to our customers. We offer competitive rates and we strive to be the very best. So if you’re based in or around the St Albans or Watford area and you need to hire a reliable removals company, call us without delay !




Is your new home insured ?

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Is your new home insured ?


The moving process can be long, drawn out and extremely stressful. In your battle to keep on top of things there’s a good chance that you’ll overlook one very important thing: Insurance. Few buyers realise that it becomes their responsibility to insure a property from the second that contracts are exchanged – not when they get the keys to the property on the day that they move in.


Whilst the likelihood of your house burning down or dropping off the face of the earth is slim at best, there’s always a chance that it could happen. Therefore, it’s important to ensure your new property is covered from the word go.



 Check your contents insurance policy carefully


Buildings and contents insurance are often issued on joint policies. The problem is that when purchasing a new house your buildings insurance should be switched to the new property when contracts are exchanged – but your contents insurance cover shouldn’t be shifted until you actually move house. Therefore you should pay a great deal of attention to your contents insurance policy both before, after and during the move. It’s especially important to find out whether or not your contents are covered during the move process itself, and if so, who by.


Sometimes you’ll find that your possessions are actually insured via your own contents insurance policy. Some policies (not all) have a clause in there that covers “items in transit”. Don’t just assume your policy has this clause in it – look through the policy wording or call the insurance company to get confirmation. If your policy doesn’t feature this clause, you’ll need to hire a removal company that insures your contents for you whilst they’re being moved.


Is your removal company insured ?


Aside from building insurance, you should also consider the removal company you’re using. Are they insured? If so, for what sum? It’s really important that the company you use to move your belongings are insured – if anything goes missing or gets broken you can then claim for the cost of it. It’s not just your goods that need to be insured either, the employees from the removal firm need to be ensured too. If they cause damage to your property or become injured whilst working on your house move, they can then make any claims from their employer.


Finding out whether or not your removals company is insured or not is really easy. Just pick up the phone and call them! You should try and get it in writing too when they present you with a written quote, or when they issue an invoice to you.


Whilst we can’t help with building insurance, we can assure you that here at TH Removals our fleet of vehicles is fully insured with public liability insurance cover of up to £1 million. All of your belongings and possessions are fully insured to £15,000 per load.

When you use us for your house move. We offer our services to those living throughout the St Albans and Watford areas, so what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and talk to us today to see how we can help you !

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