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Moving Home ? Declutter to Sell Your Property Faster

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Rubbish Removal North London

Moving Home ? Declutter to Sell Your Property Faster

If you’ve decided to sell your house but you have things in every nook and cranny, the first thing you need to do is declutter. It could increase the final sale price.
1. Be ruthless. If you haven’t used an item for months on end or you’re saving things ‘for a rainy day’, stop. Get a bin bag, fill it and donate it to your local charity shop.
Viewers need to imagine what your home would look like if it belonged to them and seeing your things makes this harder.

2. If there are items or furniture you wish to keep but you don’t want them on display while you show the house, consider renting storage space until moving day.

3. If you need help to clear away excess waste and unwanted items you can hire experts like TH Removals. We provide a professional and friendly rubbish clearance service.

4. Don’t forget the garden! A cluttered garden is a bad advertisement. TH Removals can help you there too.

5. After you have removed the rubbish, clean your home thoroughly. For tough jobs like toilet limescale, you can eliminate the need to scrub by using white vinegar.

6. Give your home a new coat of paint, preferably in white or cream. Bolder colours may not be to the viewers taste and a neutral colour will make your rooms look more spacious. Wall mirrors can also expand a room.

7. Cut threads off carpets, replace cracked kitchen tiles and do other minor maintenance work around the property. Viewers are more likely to buy if they don’t have to pay to replace carpets and fixtures.

8. If your kitchen is outdated, consider putting in a new one. Although a major investment, it could add thousands to the value of your home.

9. Add homely touches to give the room a warm atmosphere, such as putting a full fruit bowl on the table or having a roaring log fire on.

10. Place plants or fresh flowers in the communal rooms. These look nice and make the house smell great.

For Free and Fun Activities at Easter: Visit Tring Museum

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Tring Museum

Tring Back

If you’re looking for a way to keep the kids entertained this Easter and you don’t want to break the bank, Tring Natural History Museum is the place to visit.
Easter is all about new life and at Tring Museum there are hundreds of nature specimens, fossils and even a three-toed tapir. Entry is free as are many of the activities, making it an affordable and fun place to visit for all the family. There may be a small charge for some activities.

At Tring, you can look at dozens of ‘stuffed’ animals displayed in the original Victorian cabinets. Have your picture taken with a multi-coloured mandrill, a tiger shark, a zebra or the extinct Quagga, a relative of the zebra that had the appearance of being half-zebra, half-horse. You could also see Kangaroos owned by the Rothchild family and some humble domestic dogs from the 1840’s.

Antarctica –

Bring the kids to see our entirely free exhibition – running from the 23rd March-10th July – about Antarctica so they can find out the challenges that scientists face as they live and work in one of the most harsh and remote areas of the world.

If you’d like something Easter themed, you could try the egg handling workshop, aimed at kids aged 5 and over. They can hold different specimens of eggs and try to decide which animal laid them. Workshops run on the 29 March, 31 March, 12 April and 14 April and are in 30 minute sessions for just £2 per child.

Easter Egg Trail –

If you visit us over Easter, we also have an egg hunt on which will lead participants around the galleries in search of clues to find the missing egg. Winners will receive a chocolate prize. The trail is open between 26 March and the 17 April and trail sheets cost only £1.

Half Term Fun –

If your child is bursting to spend their pocket money, why not visit the Museum shop where they will find a range of nature inspired toys and games and mineral specimens to take home. If they’re hungry, you could try out our Zebra Cafe for delicious cake, locally made sandwiches and children’s lunch boxes.
If the weather is fine, we also have an outdoor picnic area so you and the kids can enjoy the fresh air while you eat.


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