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Planning for a zero waste Christmas

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The season to be wasteful is almost upon us and as light switch ons and festive planning are well underway for many there is still time to plan a zero waste or a more environmentally conscious Christmas at least.
Year on year the amount of waste generated at Christmas is phenomenal which costs not only the environment but also local councils in terms of waste and landfill charges. Trees, wrapping paper, decorations, food and even unwanted gifts all play a part in a general overindulgence at this time of year. We’ve compiled a list full of ways to avoid Xmas clutter without losing out on any festive magic.

1) Gift experiences rather than physical gifts – by the time New Year comes around many people are left wondering where they can store their new gifts. By giving vouchers or taking part in experiences it can mean much less waste plus people get to spend more time with each other.

2) Stop sending Christmas cards – rather than sending Christmas cards to everyone perhaps only send to a select few people. Make a donation to charity with the money saved instead or put it towards something more worthwhile.

3) Pre-Christmas de-clutter – taking the time to get rid of old clothes, toys or other items before Christmas could help it be less overwhelming afterwards. Selling un-used items could even help cover the extra cost of Christmas. If you need help decluttering it could be wise to use a local waste services company rather than taking up space in regular household bins.

4) Be creative with your Christmas tree choices – Opting for a reusable tree could mean having it for 10 years before it benefits the environment. Regarding a real tree having one in a pot could be the least wasteful option but then there are lots of ways to be creative using wood, paper and even glassware. Using vintage or handmade decorations could also reduce waste.

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