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Plastic Free July – What’s it all about ?

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We’re well into July now and the tech savvy amongst you may have seen Plastic Free July being bandied about social media land. But what is it and why does it matter? Let us explain a little more….

Plastic Free July is a little like zero waste living but is essentially a month ‘trial’ for people who want to give living without disposable products. The idea is that you choose one of the main four groups of plastics to avoid – these are plastic straws, takeaway coffee cups, plastic bags and plastic bottles. If you’re feeling like a bigger challenge, then opting to avoid all of these is of course an option too.

The whole concept is designed to help people try out living without plastics for a month – after that time they can decide if they want to give up completely and how feasible that is. Here are some alternatives to the main four groups: 

Plastic Straws

Giving up straws completely might seem like the best option. However, for some people this just isn’t possible. There are a variety of options available such as stainless steel or silicone. For those looking for something more unusual there’s also glass straws or bamboo!

Plastic Bags

There are many alternatives to plastic bags since the introduction of charges in the UK. The trick is to find a solution that isn’t too bulky and can be easily stored. Reusing any bags as often as possible and remembering them for each shopping trip is also a great commitment.

Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles are everywhere and a large part of our plastic problem. Drinking on the go is all about being prepared. For cold drinks a drinks bottle that is sturdy and reusable and holds enough liquid to make all the fuss worthwhile!

Takeaway coffee

Who would have thought that the takeaway coffee cup contained plastic? However, in order to keep their shape many disposable options contain plastic and not a kind that makes it easily recyclable. Many shops now sell their own ‘keep cup’ versions which shops will refill for you. Often there’s a financial incentive for those taking their own cups to a café or coffee station. 

3 Reasons To Use A Rubbish Removal Company

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Many people getting rid of waste from their property may naturally think of hiring a skip as a means to getting rid of a lot of waste in one go. However, this may mean lifting and getting waste into a skip themselves which may not be feasible for some. As such hiring a local waste removal firm such as TH Removals may be a better option and here are three of the main reasons why this could be more appropriate for some. 

Professional Waste Removal

Using a waste removal firm can be much more straightforward for anyone getting rid of waste. They can remove bulky items, garden waste, furniture, electrical appliances and even full house clearances. It can be removed at a time to suit the property owner and may be much more convenient. 

Loading Done For You

When it comes to getting rid of waste half the battle can be moving it around and having somewhere to store it in the meantime. This is just one reason why skips can prove popular but loading a skip isn’t necessarily an easy task if you have large and heavy items. However, a waste removal firm will typically lift and carry all the waste away for you. 

Licensed To Remove Rubbish

When using a waste removal firm it is important to check that they are have a waste carriers license. This will make sure that the firm has the relevant permissions to dispose of waste in that specific area. Not only this but they will also provide paperwork detailing what they have taken away and householders can be confident that they will deal with the waste responsibly. 

The laws around waste removal introduced licenses back in 2014 in an attempt to reduce instances of fly tipping and waste collectors that then went on to fly tip. 

We can help with a full range of waste collection services in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Contact us for a full no obligation quote and we can discuss your requirements for bulk collections or house clearances and more.

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