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3 Tips for Making Multigenerational Moves Work

Multi Generational Family Photo


Family homes seem to have become much more crowded in recent years, as the “boomerang generation” has often been forced by high house prices and the tough economic climate to move back in with their parents. With relatives at the other end of the generational scale also needing more help as they grow older, families can end up with several generations, ranging from children to grandparents all needing to move into a single home. We might not be able to resolve every argument about whose turn it is to empty the dishwasher or why no one else seems to turn off the lights when they leave an empty room, but these tips can at least help to make the actual move a little bit easier.

1. Clear out before you move.

Don’t add extra stress to your first days living together by waiting until you’ve moved in before you decide what to keep. Work through one room at a time, sorting out what will be thrown away, recycled, donated to charity or sold. Pack everything you want to keep, but consider using your removals service to send what you can to storage if space will be an issue. Just remember to coordinate who will be contributing what to your new shared home so that you don’t arrive with two toasters and no kettle.

2. Don’t move everyone on the same day.

If you are moving from separate properties into a new shared home, book your removals vans on different days to avoid stress and confusion. Even if you are using a full service removals company to do all of the packing and carrying for you, it can still be important to have someone there to provide emotional support, particularly if you are helping an elderly relative move.

3. Make sure everyone feels at home.

Whether you are making space for an additional family member in your own home, moving back into your childhood home, or combining the generations in a new house, it is important to be aware that this will be home for everyone. Being able to move in some of your own furniture or having a say in how your home will be decorated can make a big difference to a boomerang kid or an elderly parent.


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