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Autumn Tidying Up

Getting Rid of Autumn Leavestring
Autumn could certainly be described as a picturesque time of year however falling leaves can prove a troublesome consequence of the season change. Leaves can litter pathways, drives and gardens and in some cases can cause a slip hazard once rainfall lands and the temperatures drop bringing frost and ice. Many councils reduce garden waste collections in winter months too so even if you are vigilant enough to gather leaves together getting rid of them from your property might seem a thankless task. Here are some tips on removing leaves without too much stress.
Get garden waste removed professionally
Gathering in leaves yourself and bagging them up could be an option. Depending on the size of the property and the time available this may not be viable. Therefore employing the services of a waste professional could be much more appealing. Generally speaking they could gather and remove any garden waste, albeit for a price. This could be an invaluable service for anyone with a busy lifestyle or for older people that may not be physically able to take on the task themselves.
Do it yourself
Bagging up garden leaves could be made fun by getting the whole family involved and whilst bin collections might have stopped householders could take their unwanted leaves to the local refuse site. Whilst it could be time consuming there is no additional cost and setting aside a fine weather day could be the perfect excuse to enjoy the garden before temperatures plummet to more wintry levels. Excess leaves could be composted or mulched to use on the garden again come the spring.
Leaf blow
For those with larger gardens or a bigger haul of leaves than most then investing in a leaf blower could be a quick and easier way of managing the autumn leaves. Using such a tool could mean that you can adopt a little and often approach to leaf gathering, making the job seem less overwhelming.
Check for small animals
When gathering leaves it’s a good idea to check piles first for small animals like hedgehogs that might have burrowed their way in to hibernate or set up home for winter. Alternatively you could designate a leaf pile in your garden for the purpose of giving these animals a place to seek refuge.

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