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A Few Tip’s For First Time Buyer’s

shutterstock_1224655181) Take some pictures

Always ask before getting your camera out first. This will allow you to refer back to show friends & family.

2) Ask the right questions

Why is the owner selling ?

How long has the property been on the market ?

What are the neighbours like ?

What’s the minimum price the seller will except ?

Have there been any offers so far ?

This list in not extensive, you should be prepared & take a list with you on viewings.

3) When to view a property  

Once a property is on your short list. It’s worth having a look at different times of the day. This can highlight Anti-social behaviour & parking issues in the area.

4) What fixtures & fittings are included in the sale

Make sure both parties agree on what will & won’t remain in the property. Get it in writing if possible to avoid disagreements afterwards.

5) What are the bills like ?

Put together a budget. Council tax & utility bills should not be overlooked.

Moving into your own home will be a exciting time – but also a expensive one !

6) Get your free removal quote

TH Removals offer a free removals quote. Simply fill in our quote form

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