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Dealing with Waste Wood

wood wasteHandling the waste left behind when a tree has to be cut down can be one of the most difficult rubbish removals tasks, simply because of the large amount of material that needs to be broken down and moved. Commercial forestry and wood processing businesses have to cope with even larger amounts of waste material, which all needs to go somewhere.

A new wood-burning power plant will soon be providing a new destination for this wood waste in Bedfordshire. The Twinwoods plant in Thurleigh should be up and running in 2015, after several years of delays since the initial plans to open in 2011 fell through. The plant will take in about 40,000 tonnes of wood waste every year, helping to reduce the amount of waste that has to be sent to landfill.

The need for facilities like this to handle waste wood will be clear to anyone who has had to deal with the remains of a felled or fallen tree in their own garden. Even relatively small trees can produce a lot of waste that needs to be removed. You might be able to keep leaves and smaller cuttings to compost at home, or even save a section of the tree to set up as a habitat for invertebrates if you are creating a nature garden. If you have a wood burning stove or fireplace, you might want to dry out some of the logs and keep them for your fire, but you will probably still have some material left over for the council garden waste collection or rubbish removals team. Getting rid of a whole trees-worth of wood and branches is a big job, so you are probably going to need some professional help. You might need to hire a gardener or tree surgeon to help cut down any stumps or branches that are still standing, and to break up the fallen remains of the tree. You can also use a rubbish removals service to get rid of the tree waste, rather than having to load it into a skip or take it to the local tip for yourself.

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