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Government Indicates Investment in Waste Sector

At the Conservative Party conference this month the Environment secretary Michael Gove has indicated that long overdue investment in the waste management sector may be on the way.
In particular he mentioned food waste and the challenges this brings with the suggestion that funding could be made available for better redistribution and more investment in cleaner technologies.
Mr Gove talked about current difficulties faced by the sector and described them as “a new front in the war against waste”. The talk comes ahead of Defra’s waste and resource strategy which is expected towards the end of the year. Tougher measures for fly tipping offences as well as companies that flout regulations for waste removal are also anticipated.
The background to the changes comes as no surprise to most in the wake of alarming quantities of plastic being dumped in the sea as well as rises in fly tipping rates.
According to Gove the charges from plastic bags have brought about a 90% reduction in usage. There is much more work to do however, as he reported in his speech that “the equivalent of a whole dumper truck of plastic is dropped in the sea every minute of every day.”
Food waste is another big culprit contributing to environmental and social concerns. Investment and funding that is made available could ensure greater distribution of food waste by retailers and the food industry.

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