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How Do You Feel About Waste Services in Hertfordshire?

tipWaste services in Hertfordshire could be changing soon as the county council seeks ways to cut about £6 million in costs during the next eight years, but residents can have their own say on rubbish removals and recycling plants before any decisions are made.

The decisions are expected to affect the operations of 17 different waste disposal sites across the county, so if you ever handle your own rubbish removals, or you have an opinion on what happens to waste in your area, you can head over to the county council’s website to complete the consultation questionnaire. Responses are being accepted until August 3rd. You can also request a paper copy of the questionnaire from the council. The highways and waste management council will receive the results of the survey on September 19th, before discussing them with the cabinet. Any changes to rubbish disposal services will not be implemented until early next year.

Among the proposals that are being considered for cutting the costs of rubbish removals and disposals in the area are some significant changes to the current opening hours. Disposal sites could be switched to opening between 8am and 4pm, year round, with the Buntingford disposal site remaining on its current three hour a day schedule. Disposal sites could also be cutting back on the number of days that they are open each week, dropping from seven to five, with closures on weekdays to keep the sites available for use on weekends. Two local recycling centres, at Elstree and Hoddesdon could also be closed completely in order to cut down on costs.

The changes could enable the council to make the significant savings that are required due to national changes in the funding that is available, while keeping as many as possible of the sites open. If all of the proposed changes are made, we will lose two of our waste disposal sites in Hertfordshire, and getting our rubbish to the tip or recycling plant will become more difficult for anyone with a busy schedule. However, professional rubbish removals services will still offer an easy way around these difficulties, making it easy for you to get rid of your rubbish quickly, without any of the hassle of delivering it to your local tip or worrying about their opening hours.

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