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Is selling a home at Christmas a good strategy ?

For many people the prospect of selling their home over Christmas is a horrendous idea. The thought of potential buyers coming for viewings or worse still getting a moving date over the festive season could fill many with dread! However, could Christmas actually be a great to sell and is there actually such a thing as a good and a bad time to put a property up for sale – here we explore the options available:
Less competition
Selling at Christmas might be very attractive for this reason alone – having less competition from other vendors because they are waiting until Spring could mean getting ahead of the game. It could also mean that whilst people are off work over the holiday season they are actually more likely to investigate potential property. Christmas tends to mean less people going abroad and even those that do usually schedule in some down time at home too so it could actually be the perfect time to get their attention.
More transparency
Whilst it may be possible to stall buyers over the festive season for the most part it probably isn’t a wise move to remove a property altogether from the market over Christmas should it have been listed earlier in the year. This might have been done in previous years to avoid the hassle of marketing over Dec/Jan period but house buying and selling can now be tracked online and so everything is much more transparent than pre online. There could also easily be a cost to listing and removing a property which vendors could well do without.
Be prepared
Being ready to sell over Christmas probably means that a person is well prepared for the move ahead. This could also signal to potential buyers that the vendor is serious about selling rather than just dipping their toe in the water. It also gives sellers ample opportunity to clear out unwanted items and rubbish from the property ensuring that it fit for viewing at any time. It could even reduce the cost of Christmas as people only spend money on the things they really need rather than overindulging.

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