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Mentioning the C word in September…

wasteFor many people getting ready for Christmas is a chore they’d rather forget but the truth be told after the summer holidays and back to school it is typically the next major milestone that people aim for as the days become shorter and the nights draw in.
Mentioning the C word this early might seem a bit mad but in actual fact getting ready for Christmas sooner rather than later could have untold benefits further down the line and save families from the mad panic that occurs towards November and December. Here are a few tips to try and avoid a Christmas rush:
Get your garden ready for winter: whilst the weather is still pleasant and some summer bedding plants still in bloom there’s still plenty to be done to prepare a garden for winter. Dead heading, weeding and getting rid of garden waste that could otherwise build up over the winter months could mean an easier Spring when the time comes. Shed or garage clearing now could also free up valuable storage or potential hiding places for Christmas presents.
Declutter inside: there is nothing worse than getting to Christmas and finding that in January you’ve nowhere to put everything new – decluttering items like toys, books and clothing could free up cupboards and help prioritise what to buy other family members as gifts. With unwanted items they could either be sold and the money reinvested for Christmas, donated or removed as a job lot of household waste by a professional waste removal firm.
Free up kitchen cupboard space – there’s no denying that a lot of food is consumed around Christmas – making space now in cupboards and freezers could help the whole process run smoother. It could also make things cheaper in the long run as it may help planning of the food that is actually needed to cover the festivities rather than getting carried away.
So despite it seeming too early to think about now could be exactly the right time to think about what to do to prepare for Christmas and avoid wasteful practices of previous years.

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