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Moving house can be stressful enough with having to pack your items  in a safe and secure box, bubble wrap your breakables, and ensure you  label each box with what it contains and the room that it is to be  placed in. Many people, especially if you have a big house, or many  items to move, can spend weeks if not months having to get things  prepared before moving.

The best way to move house is to do the  following:  Before you even think about getting a box and packing it  with items, you need to get a pen and paper and make a list. Make a list  of all the rooms of your new property, for example kitchen, bathroom,  bedroom 1, bedroom 2, garage etc. Then you can label every box that you  pack as you go along with the room that it is to go in, and also write a  number on the box, and also on your list, and what the box contains.  Now this is going to seem like a lot of prep work, however it is going  to be worth it when you come to actually moving, loading, and unloading  all of your boxes, especially if you have a big house, or many, many  boxes full of items.   The idea of having a list of all your boxes,  having them numbered, and list what each box contains is to make it a  lot easier for you and your removals company so that when you arrive, and you are unloading the truck you and  the removals company know exactly what room to put each and every box,  and what it contains. The idea of this list is so that you know what  boxes are here, and what boxes are missing, or have been placed in  another room.

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