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Moving House Means Moving Gardens


spring garden at Chelsea flower showIn the wake of the Chelsea Flower Show, many of us are turning to our own gardens with renewed inspiration and dreams of turning our own little patches of earth into the sort of artistic creations that we have seen at the show, in person or on the TV coverage. Gardens can be a wonderful space in which to work and relax, and they can make a real difference to property prices, but all of the time and effort that we put into these green spaces can make it difficult to leave them behind when it is time to move, even though getting our hands on a new garden can be part of the joy of choosing a new home. You might also be able to keep some of your favourite plants with you if you follow these removals tips.

Potted plants can be moved easily at any time, but some prized specimens can be moved from the garden. Bulbs, perennials and deciduous shrubs are likely to cope best with removals, while evergreens and trees will often suffer. Consider taking a cutting instead or collecting some seeds to plant in your new garden.

Larger plants may also have to be left behind, and even those under a metre tall can be heavy and awkward to handle. Digging a trench around the plant a few months before you move can give the plant a chance to recover from any root damage before you move it. Fill the trench in with sand or compost, and then dig around and under the plant when you are ready to move. Slip a sack or tarpaulin underneath to hold the roots together, and keep the plants well watered and in the shade on removals day.

Move your plants in an enclosed removals van, not a car or open trailer. It will give you space to pack them safely, and protect them from being dried out or damaged while you are driving. The air rushing past a moving vehicle can quickly suck moisture out of a plant. Pack pots safely in place, keeping the smaller plants upright if possible to avoid spillages. Taller plants will probably be safer lying flat, if you have enough space.

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