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Not Just Watching the Grass Grow

Garden ClippingsThe work that we put into our gardens throughout the year really pays off when we get a summer that gives us long, warm evenings and sunny weekends on which to enjoy the spaces we have created, but anyone who enjoys gardening will know that there are still plenty of jobs to do at this time of year.

One of the main tasks that we need to keep on top of if we want to keep our gardens tidy is looking after the lawn. It often seems that the grass is in constant need of cutting at this time of year since it is growing so fast. Some gardeners mow once of twice a week to keep their grass short and tidy, but if you prefer a longer lawn, you can leave it for a few weeks. Run the mower across the grass in slightly overlapping lines, aiming to cut off no more than a third of the height of the grass, before mowing around the edges again and tidying them with an edge cutter if necessary.

If you have very short clippings from a lawn that is cut frequently or from a mower with a mulching function, you can leave them in place during dry weather as they will break down quickly and nourish the roots, but longer grass cuttings or clumps of wet grass should be removed. You should also get rid of the mown grass if you have seen signs of any pests, weeds or diseases, as the cuttings might help them to spread.

Many councils provide green waste collection services, but you can also hire rubbish removals vans to come and pick up your grass cuttings and other garden waste, or compost your clippings at home. If you are using a rubbish removals service, it will also provide a good way to get rid of other cuttings and rubbish from the garden. This is often the time of year when it is most pleasant to be outdoors, so we find beds that need weeding, unwanted plants to pull out, or come up with big plans for new planting schemes or garden features that we want to implement immediately, creating armfuls of extra garden waste to send away with the rubbish removals team.

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