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Out With The Old: How To Get Your Rental Accommodation Ready for New Tenants

untidy roomClearing out a rental property at the end of a tenancy can be tough work. Exactly how tough and time consuming it will be depends on how well the previous tenant cared for the property, but there are a few ways you can make clearing out a flat or house easier.

Big Jobs are Just Lots of Small Jobs

Break down big clearance jobs into manageable chunks. Focus on one property or one room rather than trying to tackle everything at once. It will help you to stay organized and motivated.

Clear Before You Clean

An empty room is much easier to clean, so start by clearing out any rubbish or unwanted junk. Remember to start at the top of the property and work down, or from the back of the flat towards the door, to avoid tracking dirt through your newly cleaned rooms.

Don’t Rush

Give yourself plenty of time to clean before you start showing a property to prospective tenants. When you’re not rushed, you will have time to leave cleaning products on tough spots such as the inside of the oven overnight, rather than having to rely on elbow grease to get rid of the dirt and grime quickly.

Many Hands Make Light Work

Recruit as many helpers as you can to make the clearance quicker and easier. If you are renting out student accommodation or the end of a lease happens to coincide with the end of term, you might be lucky enough to have some teenagers in the family who are willing to help out during their school holidays.

Think Practical Not Just Pretty

Keeping your rental property looking its best will be much easier if you make practical choices when replacing items or redecorating. Durable, easy to clean materials will last longer, be easier to maintain, and look better in the long run. Carpets, mattresses and soft furnishings are particularly vulnerable, so choose hardwearing materials from high quality brands and put in laminate or wood floors where possible. Choose granite or similarly durable materials for kitchens and bathrooms, and though you may make savings by using online auction sites or buying second-hand, never skimp on quality.

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