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Packing Advise

As we don’t offer a packing service as a idea here are a few tips to help put some order into your packing system.

1. Try to pack one room at a time, and begin with items that are not used used often.

2. Create a list of everything you are packing, especially if it has monetary value or sentimental value. This can be books, cds, expensive clothes. Take note of which box you are packing what in and use labels (see below)

3. Use sturdy boxes. Fill the box to the top. There is no need to economize on boxes as this can cause damage from over packing. Simply fill the box to the top and seal the lid well. Using this logic you will be able to stack the boxes easily.

4. Ensure the bottom of the box is taped securely so it doesn’t give way or collaps on removal.

5. Never fill a box until it is so heavy that you can’t lift it safely. Spread the heavy items over a few boxes. Balance boxes with lighter items like towels or soft toys. Pack the lighter items on top.

6. Use bubble wrap or paper when packing fragile or delicate items. However, when using newspapers newsprint can smudge so use newspaper selectively. There is professional packing paper which can be used as well. Clean paper can be purchased cheaply online. Boxes should be marked “Fragile” and “This side up” to prevent anything which needs to stay level from being badly handled.

7. Each box should be labelled clearly, either by room or type. Write on different sides of the box as well.

8. Create an “essentials box” for the day you move. Include items like toiletries, toothbrushes, toilet paper, perhaps a bottle of water, snacks and even a change of clothes in case you cannot unpack everything in time.



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