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Reducing waste could help navigate through bin collections

Residents in Luton are almost 12 months into the experience of a reduced bin collection service. Since the start of last May the council adopted a four day service and made changes to bin collection days for many households in Luton. The timetable meant that there are no bin collections on Mondays and affected households had their day changed for their bin collection. In addition glass collections were also amended by changing to four weekly pick-ups rather than two weekly.
The change was reported to have the potential to save the council around £200,000 at year and also meant that disruption was reduced to those customers who were affected by having no collections on bank holidays. The council issued new calendars and conducted publicity to householders at the time. It is a strategy that has been adopted around the country as bin collections are reduced in order to save money and encourage greener ways from householders when disposing of waste.
Understandably some householders still struggle with Luton rubbish removal arrangements, particularly those in larger properties or households. However bin collection changes don’t necessarily need to be a hardship and a few changes could help to reduce overall waste problems such as:
Purchasing less: It stands to reason if people buy less they will have less waste. Food waste especially is a big contributor to rubbish removal in Luton and so planning a weekly shop in advance could reduce the amount of excess food purchased and avoid so much going to waste.
Outsource large waste projects: If a family is planning a reorganisation or a clearout they could use private waste services to remove the rubbish. Engaging with a private licensed firm could help to organise excess waste and avoid items that are unwanted both going into household waste and being stored at the property.
Recycle: Ensuring that a household is recycling as much as possible could have a reduction on household waste. Checking what waste can be recycled from council information could mean being able to use other bins for some waste. Recycling centres could also be used between rubbish removal Luton collections.

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