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Renovation WorkAn empty house will be much easier to clean, do up and decorate than one that is full of furniture, so if you are getting new flooring put in or putting on a fresh coat of paint, it can be very useful to have some breathing time in between picking up the keys to your new home and handing over those for your old one. You will also have your removals service on hand to offer additional services such as delivering building supplies or removing rubbish, making your life a little easier.

How much work you want to do before you move in will depend on your moving schedule and the amount of care that the property needs, but there are a few big jobs that it is much easier to get done in an empty house:

1. Flooring: putting in new floorboards, tiles or carpets will be much easier when there is no furniture to be moved out of the way, so try to arrange this before you move in, but remember to cover new wood flooring with a rug or tarp on moving day so it doesn’t get scratched.
2. Decorating: painting and wallpapering is another job that is much easier in an empty room. You can avoid worrying about fumes, drips or accidentally destroying your furniture. Adding a touch of your own style will also help you feel at home, which can be particularly soothing for children who are anxious about the move.
3. Plumbers, electricians and builders: if you are planning to have any work done immediately, arranging it while your family will be out of the way can make life a lot less stressful. Having your new kitchen or bathroom fitted when there is no one waiting to use them is also a sensible idea.
4. Storage: organizing your belongings when you move in will be much easier if there is plenty of storage available, so if you need to put up shelves or add hanging poles into closets, try to do it before boxes start arriving to be unpacked.
5. Cleaning: even if you aren’t planning to install new carpets or redecorate every room, the time before your new home fills with furniture can be the perfect opportunity to give everything a good clean. It will never be so easy to get into all those nooks and crannies.

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