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Rubbish Removal & Clearance Rickmansworth

Rubbish Removal Rickmansworth

Rubbish Removal Rickmansworth

TH Removals can help clear out any old junk or rubbish that you need removed from your property in Rickmansworth and the surrounding areas. Our experienced rubbish removal Rickmansworth team can get rid of any unwanted items from your home, garden or business.

Rubbish Removal from Houses, Gardens and Offices

If you have a pile of rubbish that you need to get rid of after spring cleaning your home, renovating your property or redesigning your garden, then our house and garden clearance services can help you with waste disposal. Our clearance teams will come out to your property to pick up your house or garden waste, load it into one of our clearance vans and take it away. We can also help businesses in Rickmansworth with the disposal of office waste of all kinds. Our office clearance teams can provide a cost effective alternative to skip hire when you are moving premises or simply tidying up around the office.

Why Hire a Rubbish Clearance Specialist?

Hiring TH Removals to take care of rubbish removal and waste disposal can make your life easier. When we take on a job, we take on the heavy lifting. You won’t have to worry about moving heavy piles of junk out of your house, as we will load your waste into our waste removal vans. We also ensure that rubbish is cleared from your property quickly and arrange the disposal on your behalf. We will take it away immediately, rather than leaving it outside of your property in a skip. Working with our experienced rubbish clearance teams can also allow you to avoid all of the hassle of having to hire your own skip. You won’t need to find space on your drive or take up parking spaces with a skip and there will be no need to apply for a skip permit. You will also save money, since our rubbish removal services are actually a cheaper alternative to skip hire.

What Happens After Your Rubbish is Removed ?

TH Removals will do much more than just remove rubbish from your house and garden. We are licensed as a waste carrier by the Environment Agency, which means that we have accepted a legal responsibility to ensure that your rubbish is treated responsibly. We will make sure that every item is disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. We make every effort to recycle as much of your waste as we can, and we will even make sure that any items that are still in a usable condition will be donated to a local charity for reuse. Every item that remains will be taken to the appropriate disposal site. We work with licensed tips in the Rickmansworth area and make sure that special kinds of rubbish, such as electrical waste, are disposed of correctly.

Waste Disposal Quotes in Rickmansworth

If you have any house or garden waste that you need to dispose of in Rickmansworth or the surrounding areas, or if you are trying to organize an office clearance, get in touch with us today to ask for a quote or to arrange a waste pick up from your property.

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