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Tackling Spring Cleaning Without Major Upheaval

Garden tidy upSpring is often the time when people have a big clearout and then a thorough deep clean of their home. After Christmas and an early Easter like this year homes can begin to feel like they are bursting at the seams. Spring cleaning can be a highly rewarding way of leaving a home decluttered and feeling refreshed – the idea being that clutter is removed and organised and everywhere is cleaned (even underneath and behind furniture!). However, the thought of spring cleaning might seem overwhelming to many people, especially for those working full time, with families or other commitments. Here are some tips on how to avoid major upheaval when spring cleaning…..

1) Have a plan: this might sound obvious but being prepared should help maintain focus. Having a plan of what needs to be achieved helps everyone involved stay on track and helps avoid procrastinating about where to start.

2) Have a designated area for waste disposal and recycling: whether it be clothes, clutter or rubbish, having an area in the home (albeit temporary) where items can be stored according to their destiny, helps free up areas when they have been organised and cleaned. It also means dealing with what needs to go promptly rather than hoarding.

3) Be ruthless: if you’re still keeping clothes from years ago in the hope you’ll either get into them again or that the fashion will come round again then now is the time to be ruthless. Keep only the clothes and items that are either meaningful, useful or currently in frequent use. In terms of clothing make sure everything you’re keeping fits and disregard everything else. For items of value consider including a selling pile but make sure that doesn’t turn into a hoarding pile. Be proactive and sell items quickly rather than putting it off for a rainy day.

4) If in doubt hire a professional!: getting going is hard when it comes to spring cleaning and many people simply don’t have the time or inclination to begin. Hiring a professional for all or parts of the task could prove useful, whether that’s a professional cleaner, a waste disposal company or an interior designer, sharing the load with an expert could help relieve stress.

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