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Do You Know Where Your Waste Is Going ?

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Knowing that your waste will be disposed of responsibly is important when you are choosing a rubbish removal company. Not only will you be protecting the environment and your community, but you will also be protecting yourself against legal action. If someone you have paid to dispose of your rubbish does it by fly-tipping rather than taking it to the appropriate recycling or disposal site, then you could face prosecution and a substantial fine.

One recent case reported by the Bucks Herald resulted in a fine of almost £2000 for a builder in Hatfield. The case began late last year, when a large pile of building waste was discovered in a lay-by in Drayton Beauchamp. The material was traced back to a site in Hatfield, and to the builder who had been contracted not only to perform the work, but also to take care of the waste. He had hired a stranger to dispose of the material, without checking that he was licensed or retaining any contact information. The court determined that he had failed in his duty to ensure the waste was dealt with properly and imposed a fine that covered the legal and clean-up costs.

Thousands of incidents like this happen in our area every year, with several particularly large piles of building waste having been dumped in North Hertfordshire during May. According to the North Hertfordshire District Council, there were nearly 800 cases of fly tipping in just this part of the county over the last year. The problem doesn’t seem to be going away, even though convictions for illegal dumping are happening every week.

You can ensure that your waste isn’t adding to the problem, or putting you at risk of a fine, by picking a licensed waste carrier like TH Removals. If you have any doubts about someone who offers removal services, you can contact the Environment Agency to check that they are authorised to deal with waste. If you find any illegally dumped waste, you can contact your local council to ensure it is removed safely, but you should get in touch with the police if you spot any fly-tipping in progress.

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