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Letchworth Students Create Masterpieces from Rubbish

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Woolgrove School

Pupils at the Woolgrove School Special Needs Academy in Letchworth have been using their creative talents to turn discarded waste into works of art. Their efforts show what can be achieved when we look at the items that we would usually hand over to rubbish removals teams in a new way.

The project was created by the school in partnership with the waste and rubbish removals department of the local council. The focus was on the damage done by waste left behind at the seaside, so it was a particularly good lesson for those students who are planning to visit the beach with their families this summer. Treating all of our waste properly, whether we are at home or away on holiday, is vital if we are to protect our environment and the wildlife that live in it.

In order to emphasise this message, the children took various items of rubbish and created a series of artworks including collages, paintings and mosaics, all reflecting the seaside theme. The results show just how much we can damage coastal environments when we don’t clear up after ourselves.

Councillor Peter Burt, who is involved with the council’s waste management and recycling department, thanked the children for participating so wholeheartedly, and told the Advertiser that the council was always looking for ways to get children thinking about the importance of recycling and caring for the environment. The project was a great success, according to the school’s art coordinator, Mandy Hewitt, who told the paper that she was proud of what the children had achieved, despite their different abilities, and that she hoped many other people from the community would get the chance to see what had been created.

The teams that deal with recycling and rubbish removals for North Hertfordshire Council visited the school to see what the children had been up to, and they will be sharing the artwork with anyone who comes to visit them at the council offices on Gernon Road in Letchworth. The exhibition will be open to anyone who wants to see what the children achieved when they thought about waste in a different way.

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