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Bags, Boxes and Bins: Where Do You Put Your Waste?

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pink-sackThe saga of the pink sacks over recent months in Milton Keynes has led to long newspaper columns and serious council debates, as people travelled miles to grab as many bags as they could from the free distribution points that supplement regular delivery of the pink recycling bags to homes in the area. The apparent shortage has been resolved, but even when the rubbish removals system is functioning perfectly, working out what to do with our waste can still be problematic. Different councils have different systems for recycling and rubbish removals, and sorting waste according to these systems can be a lot of hard work.

You can make life easier for yourself by coming up with a good system for handling rubbish removals in your home. Sorting the waste as you throw it out makes life much easier than organizing it all the night before collection. You can sort it directly into the bins or boxes provided by the council, but it can be easier to have a set of small tubs, containers or bins in the house so you don’t have to go outside every time you throw something out. When your interior containers are full, or the collection is expected, you can transfer the waste to the official box, bag or bin. Many furniture stores provide storage solutions such as boxes and plastic drawers that can be particularly need for storing your waste, but any box will do. If you have restricted space, you could use plastic bags instead. Just hang them up on a series of pegs in a convenient corner or cupboard.

Keep your containers colour coded to make sorting easier, and add labels if you need an extra reminder of what can be recycled in each. Include examples such as “milk bottles” or “brown envelopes” if “plastic” or “paper” is too ambiguous. You can check exactly what is recycled in your area on your council website. It will take a little effort to set this up, but once it’s done, sorting your waste will be much easier.

The trouble involved in sorting your everyday waste only highlights the problems involved with house clearances and other large projects. If you have a big pile of waste that needs to be disposed of, the thought of sorting it all out into different piles to be disposed of in different ways can be enough to put you off altogether. Good organization and plenty of motivation can help you to overcome this hurdle, but sometimes it is better to call in the professionals and get a rubbish removals service to sort your waste for you.

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