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Methods of decluttering

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Spring has sprung and maybe your desire to declutter your home has too. However, to many people the prospect might seem a little too much to take in as we find ourselves surrounded by ‘stuff’ with no idea how to tame it or remove it.
Contrary to popular belief though decluttering is not simply about throwing ‘stuff’ away but about reorganising areas, rooms or the whole house if you’re feeling really brave. Here’s some ideas that might be worthy of further exploration for you and your family.
Four box method
This method unsurprisingly uses 4 boxes (we suggest fairly decent size ones). The boxes are then labelled Put away, Sell/Give away, Bin and Storage. The next step is to tackle an area or room at a time and decide which box all the items within it belong in. You might need to be ruthless or ask yourself questions about what you really need to keep. Sometimes it’s useful to think about the last time something was used or worn to give you an idea of what to do. Once you have filled the 4 boxes then you need to do exactly what each one says. Bin the rubbish, give away or sell items and assign homes to the rest by storage or displaying in your home. Tackling this all at once rather than waiting until you’re passing a charity shop or the tip means getting on top of the clutter quicker.
Box and pack away method
This adopts a similar start to the 4 box method but this time the boxes are only required to sift out items that are no longer used or you want to sort through to get rid of. Going around each room to remove all the unwanted things should leave extra space and clear surfaces. Dealing with the boxes then and there will help people feel free of clutter but some might choose to quarantine/store the boxes for a while just to make sure they really want rid. It’s probably a good idea to set a timescale on this so things don’t overstay their welcome.
Kon Mari method
This method has been introduced by author Marie Kondo and in a nutshell means you will only sort items by type rather than the area they are kept. It seeks to identify only the items that ‘spark joy’ in the owner and pretty much getting rid of everything else by giving away, selling or binning. It also includes different ways of shopping, storing and even folding things to help avoid needing a major declutter in the future.

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