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Glastonbury Cleanup Shows How Messy a Good Time Can Be

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Glastonbury The images of music stars like Dolly Parton that came out of this year’s Glastonbury festival were matched soon after by pictures of the rubbish removals team facing the mounds of waste left behind. This year’s festival attracted 175,000 people to the Worthy Farm site in Somerset over the five days of the festival, and together they manage to create about 2000 tonnes of waste, a huge job for the rubbish removals teams. The cleanup crew, which includes 800 people, will take up to six weeks to get the site looking like normal farmland again. The waste is sorted by volunteers working at the on site recycling centre. The organizers aimed to recycle more than 50% of the rubbish that was created this year, while other efforts, such as handing out reusable water bottles, were also being made to try to reduce the amount of waste that needed to be cleared up.

Most of us will never have to face quite such a large cleanup after our own parties, but it can still take plenty of work. Getting people to keep the place as tidy as possible during the party is a good start. You can help them to do this by placing plenty of waste bins or rubbish bags around the house, at least one in each of the rooms that will be used. When you are ready to clear up after the party, make a circuit of each room, picking out different kinds of waste in turn so that you sort as you pick up: paper plates, cans, and other rubbish or recyclables. If you have a team of helpers, you can send each one after a different kind of waste. Leave the glasses and dishes that you need to wash until last. Empty any leftovers into the bin or down the sink, then stack the dishwasher or get ready to give them a good wash. If you are expecting a lot of waste, it can also be a good idea to arrange for a professional rubbish removals service to come and collect it all once you have gathered it all together. You don’t want bags of rubbish hanging round your house for days waiting for your usual rubbish collection to take place. Once the rubbish is gone, you can tackle the remaining mess by giving your home a good clean.

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