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English Heritage Reveals “Rubbish” Cleared from Renovated Properties

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Picturesque gardenA new exhibition on show at an English Heritage property outside Luton will reveal for the first time a collection of items saved from properties that were being rebuilt or demolished. Visitors to Wrest Park will be able to see more than 150,000 rescued items collected by English Heritage, as well as enjoying the beautiful mansion gardens. Tours of the collection can be booked for the first Monday of every month, starting in June.

Among the items that could easily have been thrown out as “rubbish” are the remains of a Roman bridge, a plaster ceiling taken from a Tudor property, samples of wallpaper carefully peeled from walls about to be torn down, and the remains of an old dresser dating back to the 17th century that was rescued from a house in London. Every item in this collection is proof of just how careful rubbish removals services need to be to avoid throwing out an irreplaceable treasure – keeping original feaures can also impact the property price.

If you are working on your own renovation project, it is worth thinking about what elements you might be able to preserve in a period property or whether there are any interesting pieces that you should recover from the waste before you engage a rubbish removals service. Even if you can’t keep them yourself, you might be able to sell them on to someone with more traditional tastes.

Once the work is done, and any interesting pieces have been saved, you will still need to organise your rubbish removals to get rid of the waste that always accumulates during renovations. Here are a few tips to make clearing up after building work a little bit easier:

1. Choose builders with good reviews. Customers often comment on how well builders cleaned up after finishing a job, so make sure you hire someone who will leave their work looking its best. Ask for recommendations from friends or look online for ratings of local traders.
2. Clear out all the rubbish before you try to clean anything. You don’t want to ruin all of your hard work by dragging dirty builder’s waste over a newly cleaned floor. Consider hiring a clearance service for a big job, or hiring a rubbish removals van to come and pick up a pile of waste.
3. Dust and sweep all the floors, walls and surfaces first, then wipe them down with a wet cloth or mop. This will get rid of any sawdust or plaster that has been left behind. If there are any splotches or paint spills, use a cleaning solution to scrub them off, or slice them away carefully with a razor blade or scraper.

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