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Zero Waste for One Week

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waste We produce a lot of waste in our everyday lives, from the food wrappers that we throw out when we make a meal, to the larger items of junk that we need to get rid of when a piece of furniture wears out or an old appliance fails. It is impossible to prevent waste production altogether, so we rely on the recycling and rubbish removals services provided by our local councils, along with the extra help we can call in from clearance teams, to remove all of this waste and dispose of it in a safe and environmentally sound way. However, while we cannot eliminate the problem of waste, we can help to reduce it. We can try to cut down on the amount of rubbish that we throw out.

Choosing to buy items that come with less packaging, reusing items rather than throwing them out or replacing them before it is absolutely necessary, and repairing broken items rather than giving up on them, can all help to reduce the amount of waste that we are producing. We can also donate old, unwanted items to charity, or even sell them on to someone who does want them, rather than throwing them out, and make sure that we avoid buying items that we aren’t going to use. Far too many items get thrown out without ever being used, or while they are still in perfectly good condition, adding unnecessarily to the task faced by rubbish removals services, and contributing to the vast amount of waste that needs to be accommodated in landfill sites.

The amount of waste that can be avoided when you take these kinds of steps is amazing, as demonstrated by the Zero Waste Week challenge, an annual campaign that encourages people to try to reduce their waste production, or even to spend a week without generating any waste that will end up being taken by the rubbish removals lorry to landfill. Recycling is allowed, but finding ways to reduce waste is the main goal. The official Zero Waste Week is being held during the first week of September this year, but you can easily start your own Zero Waste Week whenever you like, or make a longer-term commitment to reducing the amount of rubbish your household produces.

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