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The Lowdown on Clothing Waste

When it comes to waste we may not often think about the impact unwanted clothing has on the growing landfill problem. The fact is however that around 300,000 tonnes of clothing waste is binned on average each year in the UK. By shopping differently and getting more out of the clothes we buy then this could be reduced. In addition, by thinking about how we get rid of clothes we’ve outgrown or fallen out of love with is another way we can prevent clothing ending up as waste.

Mend or re-use clothing

Today if clothing has a hole in it or a zip goes, it is tempting to just throw an item away. However, it could be mended, especially if it is something fairly minor. If an item is beyond repair it may be something that could be repurposed – cotton fabric to make patchwork or sections of adult clothing used to make something smaller for children perhaps. Even some baby clothing could be used as dolls clothing and socks could be turned into puppets! Washing at lower temperatures and no tumble drying could also help clothes last longer.

Donate to charity

Many people might already fill a charity bag and leave it outside to be collected. It is possible to donate in bulk also and some charities may pick up clothing from your home. If you are clearing a property after a loved one has died or if you are having a major clearout then it might be possible to ask the waste company you use to make a donation on your behalf.

Clothes swapping or selling

Depending on the size and type of clothing then you could go to a swapping event. Here people meet up with clean and good quality used clothing and swap.

Alternatively, if you prefer to get cash for your clothing you could take it somewhere to be weighed and get cash in return or sell it yourself privately or at a car boot or indoor sale.

Buy carefully

In order to avoid having a build up of unwanted clothes then buying more carefully may be a better solution. Buying clothes that may last way beyond the latest fashion trend could be a far better investment for yourself and the environment.

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