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Things That Might Go Wrong With Your Move !


Three Things That Might Go Wrong With Your Move


Sometimes in life it’s best to grab the bull by the horns and address exactly what could go wrong. Whilst most people don’t like to think the worst before it happens, it’s actually quite helpful. By addressing what could go wrong with your house move, you can take steps to ensure that it doesn’t go wrong – so without further ado here are the three things that might just happen:


  1. Items get lost or broken – this actually happens more often than you think for one reason or another. Let’s face it, the majority of people have many possessions, and the more possessions you have the higher the risk of something being lost, or indeed broken. Take our advice: Hire a professional removals company such as us, we keep tabs on every last box you entrust us with, to make sure every single item makes its way from A to B safely. If things don’t get from A to B in one piece, professional companies like ourselves have comprehensive insurance policies to ensure your possessions are completely covered.
  2. Your removals company doesn’t turn up. Believe it or not this does happen. It’s frustrating, sickening almost – but there’s not much you can do on the day of your move, aside from renting a van to complete the removals yourself. This is another situation in which hiring a professional company such as ours will negate this risk – when you book us to move your belongings we’ll always turn up. There are no exceptions!
  3. The exchange of keys is delayed – this might mean that you’ll be homeless, temporarily. As soon as you hand the keys over to the person moving into your house, it’s time to set off for your new property. Without the keys to your new house however you won’t be able to get in. This only applies to people buying and selling properties as part of a chain. If you’re not in a chain, or you’re only renting, it’s not something that should concern you too much.


Thinking the worst before your big move day might seem like a silly thing to do, but the simple fact is you can reduce the risk of the first two problems occurring by hiring a reputable removal company. Often people look for cheap removals companies without actually realizing that they’re cheap for a reason. Instead of looking for a company that offers the cheapest rates, look for a company that offers the best value. You might pay a little more than you would to some of the bargain basement companies out there, but you can rest safe in the knowledge they won’t let you down!


Whether you’re in Luton, St Albans or Watford, we’re a professional, reliable removals company with a lot of experience and a long list of happy clients behind us. Call or email us today for a bespoke quote – we’re confident you’ll love the service that we provide!

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