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Thinking About Downsizing ?

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    Downsizing can be a great move when you don’t need as much space or when taking care of a large house or garden is becoming too much of a burden. Maybe you are hoping to move into a more manageable flat or bungalow, or you are looking for a retirement property that will suit your changing lifestyle.

    Making the Move

    Now might be a good time to consider downsizing because of the growing demand from first time buyers looking for family homes. The government has committed to building more starter homes for these families, but this won’t be enough to meet the demand. Many people are still going to be looking for the kinds of properties that you may be feeling ready to leave. Being able to find a buyer easily and to get a good price could make enjoying your new retirement property a little easier. However, downsizing can still be tough, particularly when you have a much larger property full of everything from treasured mementoes to forgotten junk. Making the move to a smaller property will require a good clear out.

    5 Tips for Downsizing Your Home

    1. Think about how much space you will need before you move. Planning ahead will help you to find a property that matches your family and your storage needs.

    2. Clear out your clutter in advance. Don’t leave it to the last minute and end up trying to sort out your junk at the same time as you are moving.

    3. Be ruthless. Think about what you really need and get rid of anything that is doubled up or that you wouldn’t feel the need to replace if you lost.

    4. Don’t just throw everything away. Remember that you can donate items to your local charity shop or even make some extra cash by selling it on. Family and friends might also be interested in some of the things you don’t want to take with you, so enlist their help with the clear out.

    5. Make the most of the space you have. Good organisation can make it easier to fit into a smaller home, so spend some time working out the best way to arrange everything as you settle in to your new home. Invest in some storage solutions or come up with your own system to keep everything in its place.

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