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Why it is important to only used Licensed Waste Carriers for Rubbish Removal ?

For many people the question of waste removal is down to their respective council and not really the concern of individual householders or businesses. By paying council tax most people believe that the buck stops there. Actually though the rules around rubbish removal are strict and with good reason given the influx of fly tipping in recent years. It is actually the responsibility of the home owner, private tenant or business to ensure that their waste is disposed of safely and legally.
Hiring a rubbish removal firm
Hiring someone to remove any rubbish from your property or business doesn’t mean you have done your job. When you pass on your rubbish to another party it does not mean that rubbish is then their responsibility.
Unfortunately there are several so called waste removal companies out there that will take your money and say they will dump the waste for you and do that anywhere they get the opportunity. Ultimately this could mean you being prosecuted as the law states that you are required to get rid of waste legally and responsibly.
The law governing what is required is The Environmental Protection Act 1990, Section 34, The Landfill Regulations. These define what is necessary in terms of rubbish removal and the due care afforded to private individuals when getting rid of waste.
Avoiding legal action regarding rubbish removal
Using a registered waste removal company like TH Removals is the only lawful way of ensuring that you get your rubbish removed.
A registered firm will issue you with a Waste Transfer Note (WTN) when they arrive to collect your waste. This is a document that is signed by both parties and means that ownership of the rubbish transfers to them. The waste removal company is then obliged to dispose of the rubbish and you cannot be prosecuted for any wrong doing from then on.
Should the waste then be dumped illegally the waste carrier runs the risk of losing their license but most importantly you are no longer accountable.
The implications of illegally dumping waste
If you don’t hire a registered waste removal firm or you dump the rubbish by the roadside or other illegal site then you are at huge risk of getting a big fine.
Councils can issue you with an immediate on the spot fine of £300. If your case ends up in Magistrate’s Court the fine could be up to £5000 and if it goes to Crown Court then the fines could be issued of an unlimited amount.
Using a reputable and reliable firm like TH Removals would mean avoiding any legal issues surrounding waste removal. Contact us anytime for a no obligation quote for our services.

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