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2018 A Year in Review for Waste

As 2018 draws to a close it seems fitting to review what has happened throughout the year. It has been a challenging and interesting year and we would like to wish all our customers a happy Christmas and all the very best for 2019.

Seasons of change

Hitting the headlines throughout the year was the weather and it certainly had an impact on waste services up and down the country. With the freezing conditions and snow in January, February and March the UK was knee deep in the white stuff in parts and disruption to businesses was widespread.
Fast forward a few months and the weather was quite different as the sun shone and temperatures rose to some of the highest on record.

Plastic became a waste nemesis

Right from the start of 2018 plastic was on everyone’s minds and in waste terms we have been told some frightening statistics particularly about single use plastic. We’re told that globally the proportion of plastic never recycled exceeds 90% which is behind a big drive to reduce plastic usage overall and proving to be the waste challenge of the year going into 2019.

Food waste funding

As we head into the season of overindulging then it is also worth reflecting on the food waste that is so prevalent in our society. In October £15 million was set aside by Government to help launch a scheme to tackle food waste issues and to increase the existing 43 000 tonnes of food waste already redistributed by retailers and food manufacturers.
The scheme has a target to redistribute another 100,000 tonnes of food waste and it will officially begin in 2019/20. Food waste in the UK is currently thought to be at 10.2 million tonnes a year.

Fly tipping increases

As people get more and more gifts for Christmas then the end of 2018 could see another rise in fly tipping instances. However, regular waste services will continue throughout the festive season so householders are advised to check their collection dates for any changes to account for the seasonal bank holidays. For anyone looking to get rid of additional waste they are reminded to only used licensed waste carriers for their area.