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BBC Documentary Highlights The Need For Waste Reform

A recent BBC Panorama investigation has highlighted the issue of fly-tipping and how it has become even more prevalent in lockdown. The documentary broadcast recently has shown how the licensing system has failed to stop fly tipping and how it is an ongoing and growing issue. 

Any business that transports or disposes of waste in England must have a license to do so held with the Environment Agency. The programme looked at the lack of checks on licensed companies and how firms can still be found to dump rubbish despite having a license in place. 

The Government has indicated that a reform of the licensing system is underway and that councils will be given more powers to tackle the issue of fly tipping. 

Lockdown has highlighted the need to address the issue of fly tipping as it has been seen to increase in fly-tipping incidents and is even now considered more acceptable as during lockdown periods there has been limitations on household waste collections and non-essential shops have been closed. In addition, with more time on their hands people have had more waste to dispose of due to clearing out additional rubbish from their homes. 

Based on the most recent Government figures, in England alone, there was over a million fly tipping incidents in 2019. To get a license anyone can complete the online form and pay a fee. Stricter checks have been called from by MPs who regularly receive complaints from constituents regarding the rise of fly tipping incidents in their areas. A specialist group was set up last year to try and tackle criminal gangs that dispose of waste on a massive scale, however there are significant calls for more action to reform the licensing system further. 

A Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs spokesman said of the changes afoot that the Environment Agency had been given more funding and powers to act. 

“We will also reform the licensing system for waste carriers to ensure stricter background and competency checks which, in combination with mandatory electronic waste tracking, will increase compliance and make it harder for criminals to operate.”

TH Removals will always dispose of waste responsibly and in line with the conditions of our license. If you are struggling to find a reputable licensed waste carrier then in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

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