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Bin Collections Amid Coronavirus Chaos

Across the country as the nation goes into lockdown many people are raising concerns over bin collections and the issues a lack of waste collection services could cause. 

Councils across the UK seem so far divided on the level of service they can provide with some declaring there will be fewer or no collections and others stating the services will remain albeit with some disruptions expected. 

In these uncertain times it is important that householders play their part and minimise their waste as far as possible and this will reduce the pressure on waste services. 

To find out how waste services may be affected in your area, you would need to contact your local council. Their websites will carry the most up to date information about collections. 

It is likely that collections may be prioritised, and that garden waste and other recyclables will have a reduced priority over household waste collections.

Food waste and Coronavirus

Food waste has already proved an issue even prior to the Coronavirus outbreak and it is even more important that this is kept to a minimum – stockpiling food can only ultimately lead to wastage in the short and long term and so should be avoided. 

Additional safety measures

If you are self-isolating due to having Coronavirus symptomsthen also take advice from your local council on how to dispose of waste, in particular, personal waste eg tissues. They may request that you to store waste for longer to eliminate the risk to their collections teams or have extra measures in place as to how things should be disposed of. 

Licensed waste removal

Private waste services will continue to provide additional services for as long as possible and at the time of writing here at TH Removals we are here to help. Contact us for assistance with removals and the reduction of excess waste at your property. We are professional and licensed waste removal experts and can help with the vast majority of waste removal services. 

Contact us for more details and if you don’t fall into our areas covered please remember to always use a registered and licensed waste removal company to ensure any waste is removed responsibly.

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