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How to recycle electrical equipment !

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HIn the UK each year in excess of 170 million electrical items are purchased. This equates to around 3 appliances or gadgets per head nationwide. Some people may think this is a conservative calculation when they think about the electrical items in their own household. 

Electrical items may break over time or increasingly may be superseded by a newer model with many people having objects in their home languishing in attics, the bottom of cupboards or desk drawers to be dealt with another day.

Ultimately electrical waste needs to be addressed and whilst some may choose to simply dispose of their unwanted goods that may not be possible in some instances that require specialist removal or have specific rules. The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations came about in 2007 as an attempt to encourage more recycling in this area and prevent electrical items ending up in landfill. 

Recycling electrical products such as mobile phones, kitchen appliances, televisions, computers and tools could be much more beneficial in the long term than simply disposing of unwanted items. 

Electricals in landfill could be damaging to the environment as they can cause soil and water contamination which may harm wildlife and humans. Recycling electrical items can prevent them from ending up in landfill altogether thus reducing the pressure on these areas.

TH Removals seek to recycle as much waste as possible in our waste removal services and this includes electrical items. We will always encourage our customers to opt for recycling services wherever possible and practical.

In order that working electricals get their maximum shelf life then donating unwanted items to charity or other good causes could prolong the time that they are in use. 

For items that can no longer be reused as they are they could be broken down and the parts and components used in creating new items. These items could include car internal parts as well as external vehicle bodywork, mobile phones, jewellery and even currency!

If you have a tricky electrical items that is no longer fit for purpose contact us for help with electrical waste removal and disposal. 

New Council Rules Regarding Fly Tippers

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Welsh Assembly approve new rules for councils regarding fly-tippers 


In mid February the Welsh Assembly members approved new rules which make it more straightforward for councils to tackle householders who pass their unwanted waste onto unauthorised people. The new rules mean that householders could face a £300 fixed penalty notice if they do not get their waste removed in a responsible manner.


Current legislation means that householders can only be issued with a fixed penalty notice if they fly tip themselves. Whilst they can be prosecuted this can be costly to councils and leaves the householder with a criminal record when they could easily have handed over their waste in good faith. The new rules go that one step further and many see the move as essential in getting people to take complete ownership of their waste even after it has left their property.


In just one year Welsh councils saw in excess of 35,000 fly-tipping incidents with clean up costs of around £2m for taxpayers in 2017/18. Regardless of who removes rubbish from a property the householder should take their duty of care seriously and ensure they hire an authorised person or firm. These measures are intended to reinforce this duty of care requirement and deter unauthorised waste firms which blight this issue.


Whilst the rules may only come into force in Wales for the short term it sends a message to councils and Government about this growing problem in the rest of the UK. The fixed penalty of £300 may be reduced to £150 if paid early and it is reported that councils will be able to keep the money raised from fixed penalty notices to use towards enforcement and clean up.


Things householders can do to avoid prosecution


There are measures that any UK householder can take to protect themselves and demonstrate their duty of care has been executed. These include: using only an authorised waste removal firm like TH Removals – any such firm should be able to provide you a copy of their carriers license; asking for a written receipt for the waste that is being removed including detailed description and in addition a written declaration of where the waste will be taken to for disposal.

Planning for a zero waste Christmas

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The season to be wasteful is almost upon us and as light switch ons and festive planning are well underway for many there is still time to plan a zero waste or a more environmentally conscious Christmas at least.
Year on year the amount of waste generated at Christmas is phenomenal which costs not only the environment but also local councils in terms of waste and landfill charges. Trees, wrapping paper, decorations, food and even unwanted gifts all play a part in a general overindulgence at this time of year. We’ve compiled a list full of ways to avoid Xmas clutter without losing out on any festive magic.

1) Gift experiences rather than physical gifts – by the time New Year comes around many people are left wondering where they can store their new gifts. By giving vouchers or taking part in experiences it can mean much less waste plus people get to spend more time with each other.

2) Stop sending Christmas cards – rather than sending Christmas cards to everyone perhaps only send to a select few people. Make a donation to charity with the money saved instead or put it towards something more worthwhile.

3) Pre-Christmas de-clutter – taking the time to get rid of old clothes, toys or other items before Christmas could help it be less overwhelming afterwards. Selling un-used items could even help cover the extra cost of Christmas. If you need help decluttering it could be wise to use a local waste services company rather than taking up space in regular household bins.

4) Be creative with your Christmas tree choices – Opting for a reusable tree could mean having it for 10 years before it benefits the environment. Regarding a real tree having one in a pot could be the least wasteful option but then there are lots of ways to be creative using wood, paper and even glassware. Using vintage or handmade decorations could also reduce waste.

Government Indicates Investment in Waste Sector

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At the Conservative Party conference this month the Environment secretary Michael Gove has indicated that long overdue investment in the waste management sector may be on the way.
In particular he mentioned food waste and the challenges this brings with the suggestion that funding could be made available for better redistribution and more investment in cleaner technologies.
Mr Gove talked about current difficulties faced by the sector and described them as “a new front in the war against waste”. The talk comes ahead of Defra’s waste and resource strategy which is expected towards the end of the year. Tougher measures for fly tipping offences as well as companies that flout regulations for waste removal are also anticipated.
The background to the changes comes as no surprise to most in the wake of alarming quantities of plastic being dumped in the sea as well as rises in fly tipping rates.
According to Gove the charges from plastic bags have brought about a 90% reduction in usage. There is much more work to do however, as he reported in his speech that “the equivalent of a whole dumper truck of plastic is dropped in the sea every minute of every day.”
Food waste is another big culprit contributing to environmental and social concerns. Investment and funding that is made available could ensure greater distribution of food waste by retailers and the food industry.

The Lowdown on Clothing Waste

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When it comes to waste we may not often think about the impact unwanted clothing has on the growing landfill problem. The fact is however that around 300,000 tonnes of clothing waste is binned on average each year in the UK. By shopping differently and getting more out of the clothes we buy then this could be reduced. In addition, by thinking about how we get rid of clothes we’ve outgrown or fallen out of love with is another way we can prevent clothing ending up as waste.

Mend or re-use clothing

Today if clothing has a hole in it or a zip goes, it is tempting to just throw an item away. However, it could be mended, especially if it is something fairly minor. If an item is beyond repair it may be something that could be repurposed – cotton fabric to make patchwork or sections of adult clothing used to make something smaller for children perhaps. Even some baby clothing could be used as dolls clothing and socks could be turned into puppets! Washing at lower temperatures and no tumble drying could also help clothes last longer.

Donate to charity

Many people might already fill a charity bag and leave it outside to be collected. It is possible to donate in bulk also and some charities may pick up clothing from your home. If you are clearing a property after a loved one has died or if you are having a major clearout then it might be possible to ask the waste company you use to make a donation on your behalf.

Clothes swapping or selling

Depending on the size and type of clothing then you could go to a swapping event. Here people meet up with clean and good quality used clothing and swap.

Alternatively, if you prefer to get cash for your clothing you could take it somewhere to be weighed and get cash in return or sell it yourself privately or at a car boot or indoor sale.

Buy carefully

In order to avoid having a build up of unwanted clothes then buying more carefully may be a better solution. Buying clothes that may last way beyond the latest fashion trend could be a far better investment for yourself and the environment.

Why it is important to only used Licensed Waste Carriers for Rubbish Removal ?

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For many people the question of waste removal is down to their respective council and not really the concern of individual householders or businesses. By paying council tax most people believe that the buck stops there. Actually though the rules around rubbish removal are strict and with good reason given the influx of fly tipping in recent years. It is actually the responsibility of the home owner, private tenant or business to ensure that their waste is disposed of safely and legally.
Hiring a rubbish removal firm
Hiring someone to remove any rubbish from your property or business doesn’t mean you have done your job. When you pass on your rubbish to another party it does not mean that rubbish is then their responsibility.
Unfortunately there are several so called waste removal companies out there that will take your money and say they will dump the waste for you and do that anywhere they get the opportunity. Ultimately this could mean you being prosecuted as the law states that you are required to get rid of waste legally and responsibly.
The law governing what is required is The Environmental Protection Act 1990, Section 34, The Landfill Regulations. These define what is necessary in terms of rubbish removal and the due care afforded to private individuals when getting rid of waste.
Avoiding legal action regarding rubbish removal
Using a registered waste removal company like TH Removals is the only lawful way of ensuring that you get your rubbish removed.
A registered firm will issue you with a Waste Transfer Note (WTN) when they arrive to collect your waste. This is a document that is signed by both parties and means that ownership of the rubbish transfers to them. The waste removal company is then obliged to dispose of the rubbish and you cannot be prosecuted for any wrong doing from then on.
Should the waste then be dumped illegally the waste carrier runs the risk of losing their license but most importantly you are no longer accountable.
The implications of illegally dumping waste
If you don’t hire a registered waste removal firm or you dump the rubbish by the roadside or other illegal site then you are at huge risk of getting a big fine.
Councils can issue you with an immediate on the spot fine of £300. If your case ends up in Magistrate’s Court the fine could be up to £5000 and if it goes to Crown Court then the fines could be issued of an unlimited amount.
Using a reputable and reliable firm like TH Removals would mean avoiding any legal issues surrounding waste removal. Contact us anytime for a no obligation quote for our services.

Bin Collections in Warm Weather

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It doesn’t seem that long ago since we were discussing the freezing weather and how snow might disrupt bin collections. However, we’ve now been experiencing some lovely summer weather for a few weeks which has in turn caused some consequences for rubbish removal – cue rainfall within 24 hours!
In all seriousness some councils across the UK have experienced delays to services and in some cases missed collections due to the hot weather. Where possible they have notified residents through their websites and social media and informed them to expect late or delayed collections. In the hot weather some vehicles may be subject to greater chance of breakdown and workers need additional time in order to pace collections whilst maintaining health and safety.
Of course it is still possible to engage local private waste removal services should you need extra or additional rubbish collections if you have been missed off your regular rounds.
There are things you can do to reduce waste in warmer weather. Using reusable drinks containers could reduce plastic waste and just trying to plan food supply so you eat more fresh meat and produce could reduce the amount of food waste. At this time of year bins for household waste can be prone to smells and even unpleasant infestations so reducing the kind of waste you throw out can reduce the chances of this occurring. Ensuring you rinse recyclable waste thoroughly should help to keep special bins for other materials cleaner.
If you are going on holiday try and ask a friend, family member or neighbour to keep on top of your bins by still putting them out on your behalf. This reduces the chance of rubbish being left longer than necessary and even if there are delays it means that you aren’t coming back to any nasty surprises.
For anyone seeking advice or assistance with rubbish removal in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire or Buckinghamshire then we would be happy to help. We can also help with one off collections, commercial waste and house removals. Contact us for more details about any of our services.

Reasons To Hire a Waste Removal Company

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If you’re on top of the contents of your home and business and regularly comply with council waste removal collections then the chances are you might never have crossed paths with a private waste company.
However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t at some point in the future require the services of a reliable removal firm. There may be many reasons why a company may need our help and here are just a few of the main ones.
Rubbish Overflow
There may come a time in any company or person’s lifetime where they simply need to get rid of more than their fair share of rubbish. This could be after a big clearout or it could simply be that circumstances mean you have more waste than usual. As such having a private firm deal with the waste rather than waiting with the problem for several weeks to be collected in regular collections may be much simpler.
House Clearance
When someone in the family dies then it could be left to loved ones or families to deal with their belongings. Often this may be their clothing and other personal effects but often it could be a complete house full of things. Even the most organised person may still generate a healthy amount of things which could be overwhelming to dispose of or re-distribute when someone has died. Having an independent company to come in and help lighten the load in a sensitive manner could be extremely helpful.
Cost Effective Waste Removal
Paying someone to get rid of what you no longer need might sound unnecessary. However, factor in your time, fuel, potential vehicle hire, storage costs etc and it could be much more cost effective to hire a firm to get rid of things all in one go rather than do it all yourself.
Health & Safety
Many people might not even think about health and safety implications of rubbish removal but actually hiring a firm to deal with large quantities or unusual items could prevent injury or exposure to something unpleasant. Our operatives are fully trained to deal with all health and safety considerations.
Contact us today for a no obligation quote for help with waste removal in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire

What Are The Top 5 Recycleable Materials ?

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Knowing what can be recycled may seem like a difficult subject at times. Many households now have special bins for different kinds of rubbish but knowing if your waste is the ‘right kind of recycling’ can be confusing. We’ve compiled a simple list of the top 5 materials that can be recycled and why. We also know how problematic it can be getting rid of your unwanted items so if you have any waste issues you need help with then it could be worth giving us a call.
1) Aluminium & Steel – empty drinks cans and other items made from aluminium are 100% recyclable. What’s more is that the energy used to make new aluminium from recycled waste can mean a up to a 95% reduction. Steel is also completely recyclable and making new steel from old is a real energy saver overall.
2) Cardboard & Paper – Breaking down boxes instead of chucking them in the household waste can make a significant energy saving. Along with paper it is one of the most readily available commercial and domestic waste products. In the UK we get through around 12.5 million tonnes of cardboard and paper each year and it takes 24 trees to make 1 tonne so recycling what we can is obviously important.
3) Glass – Savings of up to 50% energy could be made by recycling glass products. It uses much less air and water pollution and take note as any glass that does get to landfill will never decompose. Glass is also 100% recyclable.
4) Plastic – Currently considered the enemy by pretty much everyone and whilst it is the cause of much debate lately it is shown to be on the rise by around 4% each year in Western Europe. Annually it is estimated that a family will throw out 40kg of plastic that could be recycled which is staggering considering it takes 500 years to break down and decompose.
5) Computers/Technology – With the fast pace of technology development it may not be a surprise to find that this makes our top 5 list. Reusing or sending old computers, laptops and other technology to recycle centres could mean there is less waste and parts can be reused.

Individuals Could Now Face Fly Tipping Fines In New Legislation

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DEFRA is said to be considering responses from a consultation that they opened back in January. Part of the consultation was the possibility of fines being introduced for individuals that don’t take ‘all reasonable measures’ when employing someone to dispose of their household waste. This proposal very much places the onus for reducing fly tipping with the householder as anyone found to be hiring unlicensed waste companies could be fined up to £400 if the waste is then found to be tipped illegally.
The proposals go further than ever before to tackle the issue of fly tipping which is thought to be on the increase and is problematic in rural and country locations throughout the UK. According to figures household waste is effectively two thirds of illegally tipped waste and so this proposal is thought to be a solution to the problem. Until now the introduction of on the spot fines as well as the fact that waste carriers must have a license have had less of an impact on fly tipping figures. It was reported last year that on the whole fly tipping is still on the increase for the third year running and so it is hoped that these new measures under consultation could have the desired effect.
The maximum fine is suggested to be £400 with £200 being the default minimum. For many people the proposals are a welcome prospect as certain areas in towns and cities are repeatedly suffering at the hands of illegal waste tipping.
Finding a licensed waste carrier like TH Removals is very straightforward and we will gladly help people to dispose of excess waste in a responsible and efficient way. We understand how difficult it can be to get rid of unwanted items and bagfuls of waste but we are committed to providing a thorough and proper waste removal service to all households in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire. It is important for anyone getting rid of rubbish to request to see the relevant waste carriers license to ensure the firm is reputable.

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