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Coronavirus To Blame For Huge Spike In Fly Tipping

Since our last post about waste removal in these trying times many councils have taken the decision to close their recycling centres and reduce waste collections in order to protect the public and staff. The vast majority of councils are prioritising the removal of household waste but for many, garden waste and recycling collections may have been altered or stopped altogether for the time being. 

For UK householders, they are now likely to have several weeks of waste building up at their homes which is a cause for concern and sadly many are choosing to fly tip or have the waste collected by illegal firms. In parts of the country according to the Countryside Alliance there has been a 300% rise in fly tipping. 

Contributing to the situation is the fact people are using lockdown to clear out the clutter in their homes or to organise their gardens – resulting in excess waste over and above what they would normally have.

Rural communities in particular are suffering the effects of fly tipping with countless rural spots, grass verges and laybys all being used to dump rubbish. Whilst householders may not be directly tipping waste, they are using illegal waste removal firms to take their rubbish away.

At T H Removals we are still working throughout this crisis and as a licensed waste carrier we would urge people to be responsible for their waste and how it is disposed of. Councils can and will prosecute individuals that they either catch or can trace to dumped rubbish at a later date. 

As a reminder any licensed waste carrier will be able to produce paperwork which outlines they are eligible to remove waste and dispose of legally. There are unfortunately many illegal firms that operate but without a license none of them should be hired to remove waste from properties. 

It should also be noted that garden fires are not encouraged at this time. They pose a risk to spreading out of control if not managed properly which would put extra strain on emergency services. 

Please contact us for waste removal quotes from homes or businesses at this time and beyond. Stay safe. 

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