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Environment Bill On Household Waste Collections For 2023

The latest Government plans for nationalising bin collections has left councils wondering how it will impact household waste collections from 2023. 

The plans mean that councils will be ordered to collect food waste, glass and recyclable waste on a weekly basis by 2023. The result could mean that regular collection of is delayed in order to keep up with the Government schedule. 

Across the UK only 67 councils have kept weekly collections with the vast majority of the 341 local authorities changing to waste collections every fortnight. There are warnings that the Environment Bill plans which were revealed in the recent Queen’s Speech will make monthly collections more likely. 

Shadow Environment Secretary Luke Pollard has stated: “People just want their bins collected on time. This has nothing to do with recycling, it’s because Conservative governments have spent the past 11 years cutting council budgets to the bone.”

There is already disparity in areas across the UK. For example wheelie bins work well in urban areas but in rural areas kerbside collections are more difficult.

Progress on recycling waste has plateaued since 2015, even though around 45% of household waste was recycled last year. 

The Bill also included the right for householders to have free garden waste collections which would cost £100 million annually, regardless of whether a person lives in a flat with no garden. 

Residents will also have the right to free garden waste collections costing £100million a year – even those who live in blocks of flats without gardens.

Cllr David Renard, of the Local Government Association, said: “Councils know their local areas best and should decide locally how recycling and household waste is collected. Any new requirements must also be fully funded.”

Environment Secretary George Eustice said he would aim for fortnightly collections of household waste.

He added: “Our proposals will boost recycling rates and ensure less rubbish is condemned to landfill.”

With the Government unclear as to how councils will be supported to deliver on the plans it is important to consider the place for private waste collections. 

Between now and when the plans become a reality we are here to support householders to dispose of excess waste responsibly and legally. 

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