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Fly Tipping On The Increase In England

Figures recently released by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) show that fly tipping is on the increase again. Reports from local authorities showed 1072,000 incidents of fly tipping in 2018/19 which is an 8% increase from the previous year. 

It is also a stark reminder for householders that only approved waste removal companies like TH Removals are licenced to take rubbish away and dispose of it via legitimate channels. A waste carrier’s licence should be available to householders when researching who they should hire to take their excess waste. 

Almost two-thirds of the 2018/19 statistics show that household rubbish is category contributing to the majority of fly tipping cases. This ranges from black sacks to household debris, old carpets and furniture as well as DIY project waste. The dumping of rubbish has been reported on roadsides and pavements across the UK. 33% of the reported incidents were a small vanload in size with 30% being the size of a car boot or smaller. Items like mattresses or furniture contribute to 18% of the total figure. 

Whilst not all the rubbish tipped may have been from illegal waste removal companies but from householders themselves it is important to note how stiff the penalties can be if caught. Fines far outweigh the cost of paying for professional waste removal and councils have more and more ways of tracing back dumped rubbish to the owner. 

Illegal waste from commercial companies has also been reported which included tens of thousands of incidents of construction waste including demolition waste, electrical items including white goods and garden waste.

The newly released figures don’t include the estimate of how much it costs local authorities to clean up after fly tippers overall. However, the cost of larger clean ups (thought to be the size of a tipper lorry or bigger) in 2018-19 were £12.9m which was an increase of £0.7m on the previous year. 

On a positive note enforcement for fly tipping has increased with local authorities carrying out nearly 500,000 enforcement actions which includes full investigations, fixed penalties and prosecutions. The volume of penalty notices issued has increased by 11% to £76,000.

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