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Garden Fires

What can I burn and when?

During lockdown it is reported that garden fires have increased as more people have been at home and have used them as an alternative to removing excess waste. Whilst we would never encourage the burning of waste at your property, we thought it important to let you know the rules on garden fires and discuss other methods of waste removal. 

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What can I burn on a garden fire?

Garden fires can be used to burn excess garden waste such as tree clippings or branches. However, they cannot be used to get rid of domestic waste that may pollute the environment or cause harm to human health. This is an offence under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and therefore means you cannot burn types of waste that could cause this to happen. 

What time of day can I light a garden fire?

There is no specific legal time of day to light a fire. However, lighting a fire can be considered a nuisance to neighbours particularly if they are lit regularly. If a person’s fire means someone cannot enjoy their property due to smoke or ash in their garden as an example, then it could result in an ‘abatement notice’ being served. If this is ignored, then a fine of up to £5000 could be issued. 

Can I light a fire anywhere in my garden?

When lighting a fire then safety is the most important aspect. You need to be sure you have the right equipment such as a burning bin or other way of containing the fire. Whilst lockdown fires were common, they were also discouraged due to the strain on emergency services when they got out of hand due to people not taking appropriate care and attention. 

If you live near a road, it is worth noting that under section 161A of the Highways Act 1980 you cannot allow smoke or fire to drift over a road. This can incur a fine if there is a danger to traffic or it leads to any injuries. Consideration should be shown if a neighbour has washing out or are out enjoying their garden to avoid becoming a nuisance.

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