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Garden Waste Removal Challenges

Following a bank holiday with great weather for most of the UK many people may have chosen to take to their gardens and tackle rubbish removal, cut back overgrown areas and cut lawns. This effort is likely to have generated some waste that requires removal. 


Garden waste disposal via a local council comes at a price in some areas with some local authorities opting to charge annually for garden waste collections that take place every fortnight. What this means is that those with small gardens or less garden waste overall could be paying all year round for a service that they may only take advantage of occasionally as and when the waste builds up. It could also mean finding the space to store an extra wheelie bin!

Other options for garden waste removal could be:

Take it to the tip – rather than pay for council garden waste removal it may be preferable if you have the means to take garden waste to the tip directly. This may be a good solution if it all fits in one trip and assuming all the waste is approved for disposal at your waste / recycling depot.

Burning – a full blown garden fire is probably not going to impress the neighbours and is not without risks but some garden waste such as wood and twigs could be burnt in a garden chimnea or log burner indoors depending on the wood. Check with your local authority first to ensure you know the rules or bylaws about what could be considered anti-social burning.

Composting – if you’re already a keen gardener then you may already have a compost bin and be familiar with how it works but if not then it could be an option to explore. Garden and some waste can be composted down and reused on the garden meaning garden waste is reduced to a minimum. 

Private Waste Removal Services – a licensed waste removal expert could help to clear garden waste on an ad hoc basis. As the waste is gathered you can arrange a collection with them directly and negate the need for council garden waste services.

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