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Getting Your Office in Order

Messy OfficeKeeping your office neat and well organized can help to ensure that you are working more efficiently and that you are presenting a professional image to any clients who need to visit for a meeting, but keeping on top of office waste can be a struggle. Now that we are comfortably into the new tax year it might be the right time for a serious spring clear out if you have let your waste get the better of you.

Set aside some time to sort through all of the accumulated papers and other waste in the office. Book a waste removal service in advance so that you have a deadline to work towards when they will arrive to collect your rubbish. For a big job, try to enrol some help from the office or a professional clearance team, but make sure that everyone knows how to separate the important documents and office equipment from the junk.

Invest in some new filing cabinets, in and out boxes or other storage solutions so that you can come up with a good system to keep things better organized in the future. Labelling, colour coding or asking people to sign out special pieces of equipment so that you can check who should have returned them can make maintaining the new system easier.

You might have cleared plenty of old rubbish out of the office, but it can quickly build up again if you are not careful, so incorporate a plan for dealing with different kinds of waste in your new system. Set aside separate bins for different kinds of rubbish and recycling as sorting items as you throw them out is much easier than trying to organize them later. Reduce waste as much as you can by going paperless and avoiding disposable items like paper cups as much as possible. You might also be able to come up with a good use for some kinds of waste by turning it into a profitable by-product or passing it on to someone who can. Even coffee grounds can be recycled as compost if you are willing to see your waste as an opportunity.

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