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TH Removals

House Moving Tips

Parking & Access

Our vehicles will need somewhere to park ideally as close to your property as possible. Please try & reserve a space. If you have parking bays or yellow lines on the road please arrange with the local authorities for a special dispensation for parking.

Marking Your Boxes

Clearly mark boxes you want to be placed in which rooms. This saves having to open them to see whats inside.

Fridges & Freezers

Please empty & defrost these.

Washing Machines

Should be disconnected & emptied. In some cases we able to do this if plumbing allows.

Chest Of Draws

These can be left filled with soft & light items


These take up large amounts of floor space, if you have a number of plants please put them in a box so they can be stacked. These however are not covered by insurance.

Flat Pack Furniture

If you have flat pack furniture that needs to be dismantaled this should be done prior to the move day. We maybe able to assist on the day if proves difficult. Again these items are not covered by insurance.


Don’t forget to notify water, gas & electricity provider, also to take final readings. Local council & telephone company, you maybe able to keep your number.

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