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How to ensure waste is being removed legally


Getting rid of waste is a problem that many households face. Even with an increased number of bins for recycling in most UK homes and frequent bin collections there are still times when people have more waste than they can get rid of easily.

If a home has excess waste that needs removing then hiring just anyone to take it away could now be a risky strategy – householders now have a legal as well as moral responsibility to ensure that any waste from their property is taken by a licensed professional.

New rules introduced in May this year mean that local councils now have more powers to deal with fly tipping and anyone dumping rubbish. As well as being unsightly, waste dumped at the side of the road or anywhere else poses a risk of vermin and other health and environmental implications that could be easily avoided by working with a professional waste removal company.

Figures produced by the Government show that fly tipping has been on the increase with around 900,000 dealings with illegal dumping recorded in 2014/2015. Some people are completely unaware that they are hiring a cowboy waste removal company but with methods of tracking the original waste down more available, and punishments more severe it is worth going the extra mile to ensure that any company is licensed to work in the area.

To ensure a company is legal to remove waste then request to see their waste carriers’ license which have been required since 1st April 2016. These are now required by anyone dealing with waste, whether commercial or domestic and could prevent against any unpleasant consequences further down the line of not checking.

Any reputable firm will be able to offer advice on the type of waste that needs to be removed. In many cases some waste can be recycled such as scrap metal or plastic and again the nature of the removal can be discussed in more detail with a licensed company.

With greater risks involved it is worth making sure that any waste is dealt with legally and responsibly.

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