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How to recycle electrical equipment !

How to recycle electrical equipment!

In the UK each year in excess of 170 million electrical items are purchased. This equates to around 3 appliances or gadgets per head nationwide. Some people may think this is a conservative calculation when they think about the electrical items in their own household. 

Electrical items may break over time or increasingly may be superseded by a newer model with many people having objects in their home languishing in attics, the bottom of cupboards or desk drawers to be dealt with another day.

Ultimately electrical waste needs to be addressed and whilst some may choose to simply dispose of their unwanted goods that may not be possible in some instances that require specialist removal or have specific rules. The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations came about in 2007 as an attempt to encourage more recycling in this area and prevent electrical items ending up in landfill. 

Recycling electrical products such as mobile phones, kitchen appliances, televisions, computers and tools could be much more beneficial in the long term than simply disposing of unwanted items. 

Electricals in landfill could be damaging to the environment as they can cause soil and water contamination which may harm wildlife and humans. Recycling electrical items can prevent them from ending up in landfill altogether thus reducing the pressure on these areas.

TH Removals seek to recycle as much waste as possible in our waste removal services and this includes electrical items. We will always encourage our customers to opt for recycling services wherever possible and practical.

In order that working electricals get their maximum shelf life then donating unwanted items to charity or other good causes could prolong the time that they are in use. 

For items that can no longer be reused as they are they could be broken down and the parts and components used in creating new items. These items could include car internal parts as well as external vehicle bodywork, mobile phones, jewellery and even currency!

If you have a tricky electrical items that is no longer fit for purpose contact us for help with electrical waste removal and disposal.

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