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Landfill waste volume increases by 4% in 2019 in England

Data published by the Environment Agency has revealed that the volume of waste going to landfill in England has increased by 4% for 2019 figures. The figures have grown by 1.8 million tonnes to 45,859,000 tonnes and whilst volumes have remained relatively similar for several years this increase is the biggest since 2008.

The hike is particularly attributed to an increase in landfilled waste from the East of England and the South East. These areas sent 9,553,000 tonnes and 9,572,000 tonnesrespectively. 

Whilst this data seems to be moving in the wrong direction and is the highest of the decade, the overall volume of landfill waste has reduced a great deal since 2000 when 79,923,000 tonnes was sent to landfill. Volumes have decreased year on year before levelling out from 2010 onwards. 

In terms of space at landfill the figures show that capacity at sites is still under pressure. Between 2018 and 2019 there was a reduction of 40 million cubic metres (m3) leaving England with 365 million m3. 

Regionally the South East is shown to have larger landfill capacity than other areas at 64 million m3. This is broken down by 27 million m3 for inert waste and 24 million m3 non-hazardous waste. 

The pressure on landfill sites is a reminder to householders the importance of being responsible about their waste disposal. 

As always, we would encourage people to recycle or re-use as much of their waste as possible. If this isn’t possible then we would like to remind householders that they should always use the services of a registered waste removal company. This ensures that waste will be disposed of in a responsible manner and not fly tipped and it also means that the householder has got rid of their waste legally. They will receive a receipt from the company and will be able to see a copy of their Waste Carriers License too. 

At TH Removals we have years of experience in disposing of unwanted waste and of course we are fully registered to do so. For all your waste removal needs in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire then please get in touch.

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