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Last minute zero waste Christmas gift ideas

It’s Christmas – a time of indulgence, gift giving and excess! However, the inevitable clean up afterwards could be much reduced if people took more time to consider the festive aftermath! 

At this time of year space for waste is at a premium especially with reduced council collections in the vast majority of the UK depending on when the bank holidays fall. Rather than stressing about the lack of space in your bin being a bit more resourceful about what you buy may be a better option. Here are a few last minute waste reducing ideas to help get you through the season.1) Don’t panic buy! – We’ve all been there and felt that last minute panic that you’ve not got enough or that you might run out of essentials. Resist the urge to run out to the shops one last time to purchase stocking fillers and take the time to really evaluate what you have got and think carefully if you really need to buy more. 2) Manage food waste – food waste is arguably the biggest culprit when it comes to holiday indulgence – in reality supermarkets are only shut for one day and so it really isn’t necessary to buy food in the quantities we do unless you know for sure things will be eaten. Another good tip is to look for recipes to allow you to use up leftovers rather than them ending up in the bin!3) Buy experiences over gifts – the gifts that are more memorable are those that are experience based rather than material items. Create lasting memories by purchasing gifts that will be more unique than just another pair of socks! 4) Donate to charity – although not just for Christmas it is a time of year when charities find themselves overstretched – particularly homeless charities and food banks. Give them the gift of time or extra food that can go to help those in need.

As a last reminder it’s also a good idea to check your bin collection day. There are likely disruptions to waste collections and checking with your relevant council to see if your regular day has moved might avoid unnecessary waste building up. Alternatively contact your local and licensed private waste collection firm for additional help.

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