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Lockdown Waste Causes Chaos For Charity Shops

It is fair to say that the Covid-19 lockdown has caused the waste industry a fair few headaches over its duration so far. Over and above regular waste from households, local authorities have also been dealing with the increase in waste too. Charity shops are expecting to be inundated over the next few weeks as they re-open their doors. Many are operating donations by appointment only in order to cope with demand.
According to Wrap, the recycling and reuse body supported by the Government they predict that across the UK around 67 million items of clothing and 22 million pairs of shoes will be making their way out of people’s homes. 2 in 5 Brits have cleared out their wardrobes during lockdown and this means that approximately 184 million items are ready for donation.
A Wrap survey reports that just under half (49%) of survey respondents have said that they will give clothes to charity. However, 14% said they will get rid of clothing in their general household waste and in fact 1 in 3 have already disposed of textiles in this way rather than storing them at home.
Householders are urged by Director of Wrap Peter Maddox not to dump their donations outside charity shops or next to over-flowing donation bins. Charity shops and warehouses are about to receive countless amounts and with many reliant on volunteer workers it is important that they aren’t completely overwhelmed.
Just as with any other kind of household waste it is important for people to remember that they need to be responsible. Dumping outside a charity shop is a selfish act in these times and many charities are having to find extra funds for additional waste removal collections from such donations that have been ruined sat outside for months.
There are other options for people looking to remove items from their homes which includes private waste removal firms. Contact reputable and licensed companies that will be able to offer advice and their services when it comes to waste removal of clothing or any other kind of items.

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