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The Outlook for Property Prices in 2015

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It isn’t unusual for more removals to be arranged during the late spring and summer, but apart from this annual pattern of buyers making a fresh start as the flowers come out, and of families moving during the summer holidays, it can be difficult to predict what will happen in the property market during the year ahead.

So far, the beginning of the year has followed the same pattern as the last months of 2014. Property prices rose only slightly over the course of 2014, and this slow growth got even slower during the first month of 2015. However, many homeowners are feeling optimistic about the year ahead. According to a survey conducted by Zoopla, 88% of homeowners expect the value of their property to increase in the next six months. The experts seem to agree that prices will probably rise over the course of the year, with most estimating an increase of between 3 to 5%, according to the BBC.

Anyone who is considering buying a new home in 2015 will have some reasons to be optimistic too. Although property prices remain high relative to earnings, there have been signs since the end of last year that more mortgages are being approved. The market may have adjusted to some of the big changes in mortgage regulations that were put into place earlier in 2014, with approvals in December rising back up to the levels not seen since August. Building societies and smaller mortgage lenders appear to be doing more business, but larger lenders such as HSBC are also offering some tempting deals for anyone planning their removals for 2015. The bank has just launched the lowest recorded fixed interest rate for a two year deal, at just 1.19%. With other lenders also offering some excellent deals, and economists predicting that earnings should grow faster than inflation this year, 2015 could provide more opportunities for buyers to get their mortgages and removals organised. However, many people are still feeling excluded from the market, and buyers and sellers alike will probably remain cautious until the result of the upcoming general election is known. Predicting what will happen in the year ahead becomes even more difficult than usual in an election year.

Flytipping Frustrates Farmers and Threatens the Environment

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Fly Tipped WasteFarmers across the UK are struggling to cope with an epidemic of flytipping that is leaving fields full of unwanted junk and rubbish that could have been safely and responsibly disposed of at local licensed tips. The National Farmers Union released statistics showing that there were 711,000 incidents of flytipping in England alone in the year 2012-13. This works out as once every 44 seconds.

Many farmers have suffered repeated problems, with people dumping unwanted rubbish on their land many times. The problem appears to be particularly bad in the southeast of the country. One farmer near St Albans told the BBC that he was finding items dumped on his land about three times a week, largely because his farm was one of the first pieces of open land on a major route out of the town.

Clearly, the problem is much bigger than just a few people dumping their own rubbish without thinking about the consequences. Farmers can wake up to find several truckloads of rubbish has appeared in their fields overnight, since there are actually “professional” rubbish removers who are taking people’s money to dispose of their junk and then just dumping it as soon as they get out of town.

The NFU is now calling for people to take more care by selecting a licensed rubbish removal service rather than handing their money over to these flytippers. Many of the items that have been dumped on farmland could actually have been donated to local charity shops to raise money for good causes while making a new owner happy. Other types of rubbish could have been recycled rather than dumped, and used to produce more environmentally friendly new products. Even the rubbish that could not have been reused or recycled could have been treated better. Licensed disposal sites could have ensured that rubbish which posed a threat to health or the environment was treated appropriately. Farmers have found material such as asbestos and electrical waste that needs to be disposed of carefully in order to avoid risks to people, livestock and wildlife. All of these actions could have been taken to protect the environment if this waste had been handed over to a licensed company.

Moving Home ? Take Your TV Licence With You !

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As you’re packing up your belongings ready to load them onto the removal van, there’s one thing that will most certainly be out of sight and out of mind – that’s your TV Licence. Anyone watching live TV broadcasts here in the UK is required to have a TV Licence by law. Whether you’re watching a television mounted on your living room wall, or you’re watching live television on your laptop or some other device – you must have a TV Licence. They’re registered by address, so if you move house and forget to update the information on your TV Licence, you could be in for an expensive, nasty shock.


How do you update the address on your TV Licence?


Updating the address on your TV Licence is remarkably easy, just logon to the website and you can change your address up to three months before you move. If you have trouble doing it online, just call the TV Licence helpline for assistance. All you’ll need in order to update the address is your TV Licence number.


You can also update other things at the same time including any name changes, telephone numbers and email addresses. It’s important to ensure that all information on your TV Licence is kept up to date for a variety of reasons.


The rules and regulations surrounding TV Licensing are fairly ambiguous. If you’re watching any live television broadcast at all on any channel, you must have a TV Licence. Whether you’re watching the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky or any other channel (free or premium) you need a licence. The same goes for recording live TV on a PVR, VHS, DVD or any other device – if you’re recording live TV, you need a licence. If you only watch TV programs via catch-up services like the BBC’s iPlayer or the ITV Player service, you don’t need a TV Licence.


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We can’t help you move your TV Licence – that’s something you’ll have to do yourself online or over the phone. We can however help you move everything else, from your personal possessions to your furniture – and of course everything else you need to take from your old house to your new house. Call or email us today to find out more about how we can help you. Here at TH Removals we’re the experts and we operate across the Watford Hertfordshire, Luton Bedfordshire and Aylesbury Buckinghamshire area.


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