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Drive-by Littering Leaves Roads Looking Like Rubbish Tips

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People throwing rubbish out of cars have been adding to the problems caused by fly tippers, leaving many roadsides carpeted in old bottles, food containers, cigarette butts and other unsightly and unhygienic litter.

Approximately 80 tonnes or 3200 wheelie bins worth of rubbish were collected in a recent clear up along 18 miles of Hertfordshire roadsides, according to the Bolton News, and the problem is growing all around the UK. Councils are now calling on the government to make it possible to fine the owner of the car, rather than having to find out who threw the rubbish out of the vehicle. This is already how cases are handled in London, and it should help to make drivers take greater responsibility for the behaviour of their passengers, as well as to think twice before littering themselves.

Littering from cars has become a serious environmental problem, and when rubbish is thrown from moving vehicles it can be dangerous to pedestrians and other road users. Being hit by a lit cigarette butt or a heavy bottle flying out of a fast moving car can leave people with burns and bruises, or result in road accidents with potentially more serious consequences. All this is completely unnecessary as it is very easy to collect your rubbish and dispose of it safely when you get the chance.

Tips for Dealing With Rubbish in Your Car

  • Keep a supply of bags in your car so that you always have somewhere to put your rubbish. Small bin bags, carrier bags, or the type of bags used by dog owners, will all work well, so tuck a few away in a convenient place.
  • Stuff your rubbish bag out of the way in the glove compartment or hang a bag on the back of a seat for passengers in the back of the car to use.
  • For long trips, use a sealable freezer bag or Tupperware box as a spill and smell free solution for storing messy containers or sticky wrappers.
  • Pick any rubbish off the floor before you get out of the car, to stop it from falling out or making more mess if anything bursts or crumbles when it is trodden on.
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